Now treatment of Liver problems like Fatty Liver, Liver Cirrhosis also available with Tehsins.


Raza has been treating patients of leucoderma/Vitiligo for the past 40 years with a unique combination of various natural herbs. Three to Four different medicines are given each month for the treatment, which act internally on the root cause of the disease as well externally. Each patient is treated on an individual level. Depending on the patient’s case history, extent of spread of disorder, age etc the medicines are recommended.


Medicines A, A++, B and C are in powder form and Medicine D is oil. All the medicines are made by a special process by a combination of purely natural herbal extracts. The treatment is effective and safe, even for children. The combination of herbs hits the root of the disease.*

*Results may vary from person to person*

Medicine A

It is in powder form. A decoction is to be prepared from the powder, which is to be consumed at night.
  • Acts internally
  • Helps to control the spread of white spots and formation of new patches
  • Acts as a catalyst to increase the efficacy of the treatment
  • Helps the liver function, thereby increasing metabolism and immune system.
  • Helps to control the relapse of the disease
  • Helps in detoxification

Medicine B

It is to be consumed in powder form with water or honey in the morning.
  • Acts internally
  • Helps to control the spread of white spots
  • Helps to control formation of new patches
  • Helps to re-pigment the white spots to normal skin colour
  • Improves appetite

Alternate / Additional - Medicine C

It consists of natural herbs and is to be applied on the spots at night.
  • Acts externally
  • Helps start re-pigmentation of the white patches to normal skin colour
  • Stimulates the melanocyte cells to produce melanin

Medicine D

It is an oil prepared from herbs in coconut oil. It is to be applied 3-4 times a day. If there are white hair patches on the head due to white spots on the scalp, Medicine D should be applied on the scalp hair, like any normal hair oil, every alternate day.
  • Acts externally
  • Helps start re-pigmentation of the white patches to normal skin colour
  • Penetrates the skin of the white spots and stimulates the melanocyte cells
  • Helps the scalp hair, which have become white due to white spots on scalp, regain the black colour
  • Controls hairfall and helps re-growth of hair

Medicine A++

It is in powder form. A decoction is to be prepared from the powder and consumed at night.
  • Acts internally
  • Strengthens Liver
  • Effective in treating Liver ailments
  • Helps the absorption of Solaren in the skin
  • Helps in detoxification of the body and strengthens the immune system


The seeds are to be crushed, mixed with jaggery and taken for 7+7 days, with a 15 days gap in between.
  • Acts internally
  • Enhance the process of re-pigmentation
  • Help to retain the normal floral bacteria of intestine and kill the other harmful organisms.
  • Improve appetite
  • Help re-pigmentation of white spots


Note: The other treatments of Vitiligo/ leucoderma that the patient is taking should be stopped before starting this treatment. Other medications for other ailments and diseases can be continued along with this treatment. 
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The treatment affects in one or all of the following ways

  • Small normal skin coloured spots appear inside the white spots and they gradually increase in size, finally converting the whole white spot to normal skin colour. 
  • In some cases the spots shrink from the sides thereby reducing in size.
  • The white spots start becoming pink and then darker in colour and finally attain the normal skin colour.
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Restrictions and Precautions

There are NO dietary restrictions in eating any kind of food with this treatment (except avoiding sugar products some hours prior and after consumption of Medicine A).

One should lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet containing all the essential vitamins, proteins and minerals. Stress should be avoided.
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Time Taken for Cure

  • If the patient reacts well to the treatment, the cure has been observed to take place within a year or two.
  • If the spread of the disease is more, the cure may take a longer time.
  • The treatment has been observed to act on the difficult spots the mouth (lips and corners of mouth) as well as those on fingertips.
  • The treatment has been observed to work even on patients with a considerable spread of disease (with more than 50% body covered in patches) and even on patients having the disease for many years.

*Results may vary from person to person*

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Herbs Used for the Treatment

Asparagus racemosus

Chlorophytum borivillianum

Abrus pricatorius

Cassia tora

Cocos nucifera

Withania somnifera

Gymnema sylvestre

Phyllanthus amarus

Ocimum sanctum

Cassia angustifolia

Caesalpinia bonduc

Tinospora cordifolia

Aloe vera

Abelmoschus moschatus

Psorlea Corylifolia

Emblica officinalis

Aegle marmelos

Commiphora whightii

Ricrorrhiza kurron

Bacopa monnieri

Cymbopogon flexnozus

Vetiveria zizanioides

Plumbago zeylanica

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